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Sir Rocky and his unique personality
Rocky, you are the best!!

Sir Rocky is by far our most vocal Bengal. This boy has something to say about everything, and what an expansive vocabulary he has! Most cats will let you know when they're hungry. Rocky will let you know when he's hungry, bored, wants to cuddle, or wants to play. His sister can't get away with anything either, as Rocky will come warn us and take us to where the mischief is occurring. Watching him play is as entertaining as playing with him. It's a riot watching him roll around on the floor as he growls and barks (yes, our kitty barks) at his feathery toys. He is so caring and intelligent too. He cannot see a sad person without immediately climbing on their lap and affectionately pawing at their face as he offers to cheer them up. Thanks again to Kismet Watson of Faroutbengals for bringing this unique and sweet boy to our home.

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