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bengal queen bengal queen

Princess Zoey is now a Regional Winner and a Supreme Grand Champion!!
Hurray Zoey!!!!!

She also won multiple outstanding awards during the 2005-2006 award year, including:

International Awards
2nd Best Brown Marble Bengal of the Year

Southwest Regional Awards
Best Brown Marble Bengal
3rd Best Bengal Cat
10th Best Shorthair Cat
19th Best Allbreed Cat

On Safari-2005
Breeder's Choice Best Marble Adult
Breeder's Choice Best Bengal Adult Body
9th Best Bengal Cat in the Bengal Congress

Princess Zoey could not be a more descriptive name for our Queen. She is the perfect combination of a sweet and loyal domestic cat with the wild appearance and intelligence of the ALC. Princess is an F-6 (six generations removed from the ALC) Brown Marbled Bengal. She has a silky soft texture to her marbled coat which glistens in the sun. One of the most outstanding features of this queen, one which we hope she will pass on to her offspring, is her nice head. You can see how the contours and shape of her head are very similar to the ALC's head in the pictures below.bengal queen bengal queen

In addition to her great head, Princess also has well set and small ears, wild facial markings, a well balanced body, and excellent musculature for a female. She was recently awarded the Breeder's Choice "Best Marble Adult" and "Best Bengal Adult Body" at On Safari, 2005. We can't say enough about this Queen! She puts a smile on everyone she meets with her affectionate personality, curious nature, and endless beauty. Thank you Kismet Watson, of Faroutbengals, for giving us this most outstanding Princess! We can't wait to see what magnificent babies she will produce!

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Zoey has been HCM cleared on July 19, 2006. A copy of the HCM report will be posted shortly.

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bengal queen bengal queen bengal queen bengal queen bengal queen bengal queen bengal queen bengal queen

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